Monthly Archives: January 2015

Cooperate with the professional website company about SEO

We had discussed the knowledge & experiences about how to make good use of the website to sell our kitchen cabinet overseas by SEO with the professional company—Focus Weyes Network Technology Company yesterday.

Fighting to sell kitchen cabinet

Today is Monday—the new start of this week. We believed that everyone is energetic. The staff of Foshan Daban Decoration Materials Company is working hard now… Fighting…

Monthly conference about how to sale kitchen cabinet well

Foshan daban decoration material Co.,Ltd had held a monthly conference yesterday.The staff shared their sale experiences to each other.We made conclusions about how to deal with the problem during selling the kitchen cabinet and how to improve the sale volume.We hoped that our company will become more and more successful in the future.


New product—the country style of kitchen cabinet.

Daban PVC modern kitchen designs.

This kind of kitchen cabinet is belongs to country style. A sense of leisure and natural may touch you when you walk into your kitchen, this design can satisfy the people who cherish family warmness.