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Lacquer kitchen cabinet project ,pre-assemble finish to 100% assurance customer’s assemble. If you want good quality lacquer cabinet ,contact us please ,Contact:Shirley 

guangzhou kitchen cabinet

guangzhou kitchen cabinet

 foshan kitchen cabinet

guangzhou foshan kitchen cabinet

kitchen cabinet

white kitchen cabinet in shaker door

Modular kitchen cabinet

Modular kitchen cabinet

Pre-assemble kitchen cabinet

Pre-assemble kitchen cabinet







shaker kitchen cabinet

shaker kitchen cabinet













Tocho Plywood Varnish Series

This is our new product, the base panel is our Tocho Plywood, on which there are two beech veneers on the upper and lower surfaces.


This door panel was finished directly by varnish base on the Tocho Plywood, which is a very difficult thing for many furniture industries, but we do it.


We know, use this Tocho Plywood Varnish Series as a cabinet door is the most popular. At present, many people are specialized in purchasing this new product. And we believe it will bring another new furniture trends, which brings a better enjoyment to our life!

This product features: High density; Waterproof; Durable; Eco-friendly and so on.

Tocho Plywood Varnish Series

JISHENG High Quality Kitchen Cabinet Supplier

Our company JISHENG is the China leading high gloss plywood kitchen cabinet manufacturer, which is specializing in the design and production of eco-friendly modern customized kitchen cabinet ,bedroom wardrobe and bathroom vanity.

We always takes the balance and development of the environment as the first . We commit ourself to the improvement of home life.

On the way to internationalization , we got approved by FSC, CARB, CE and certificated by ISO9001:2000 standard. The kitchen cabinet,bedroom wardrobe and bathroom vanity  we made of top-quality furniture board ,are well received in building material businesses. 

JISHENG China High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet Supplier234

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china high gloss UV kitchen cabinet supplier

Foshan Daban Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd 

Foshan Daban Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the famous manufacturer based in Foshan China, specializing in the design and production of eco-friendly modern customized kitchen cabinet ,bedroom wardrobe and closet sliding door. Daban always takes the balance and development of the environment as the first . We commit ourself to the improvement of home life.

Our UV board -UV Coating technology is a ultra-violet cured coating and dried by exposure to UV radiation. This is a higher speed process because no chemicals are required. Drying is virtually instantaneous when exposed to the correct level of Glossy UV plywood light so projects can move quickly throughout production. UV coatings can be formulated up to 100% solids so that they have no volatile component that contributes to pollution. Due to the normally high solids content of UV coating the surface of the cured film can be extremely reflective and glossy, just like mirror effect. 

wardrobe style

What’s the different between the sliding door wardrobe and hinge door wardrobe?

In my opinion it depend on your personal life hobby,favorite,what the size and style of your room.

1、when we use the sliding door,it just right and left open and close,so i not will take too much space,the height is easy to do on the top of ceiling .make full use of the space and size,only the customized wardrobe can do that.also it’s convenient for old and child to use,just use the finger to put lightly.

2、the hinge door wardrobe,you need to considerate how much space it take when the door open,if you bedroom have enough space for use,the hinge door style is also a good choose.

sliding wardrobe door


Door panel

How to choose door panel

Solid wood door most of them are classical type,we have cherry wood color,walnut ,oak.color.but the price is high.

UV board

UV(Ultraviolet)is a kind of pating,after we press a melamine paper on the board,we will paint it 5-6 times ,not only make it become high gloss,but also the hardness of the board will stiffen.

Melamine board

For melamine board,which is a plaint board with melamine paper,with good flatness,not easy to out of shape,anti-Scratch and wear resistant ,this kind of board without painting,more eco-friendly,with very reasonable price.


For lacquer finish,we make it base on the MDF panel.we will polished on the board6-9times,and then paint it,drying,polished again.

Acrylic finish

For the acrylic finish is full color,have a sense of the stereoscopic,good toughness,not easy to damage,but the hardness is not good.


UV board







Kitchen Island

Make full use of the kitchen island

1、If you have a kitchen,you must have a island,what will be used for the island?Normally it not just a sample island for decoration,also can provide a space you can prepared the food,and have lunch or breakfast,Especially when you got up in the morning,you need to catch the time go for work,Now you can island you can prepared everythings and have your breakfast,it will be save more times

2、It also a place for child to do homework or drawing.but do remember careful of scratch the countertop.

3、try to make your island big and tall enough,before you make a kitchen cabinet drawing,you should decide which part is your kitchen island,the island can nake your kitchen much more functional and add some cook fun,interest,make your family more happness.


Creating an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Many of today’s homeowners try to create homes that are eco-friendly and energy efficient. When they want to remodel their kitchens to be more environmentally, they may wonder what steps they can take to transform their outdated kitchens into areas that will be efficient, convenient, and enjoyable in which to spend time. They can create the eco-friendly kitchen of their dreams by taking these ideas into mind and allowing their desire to be more 

Old countertops, particularly those made from wood or tile, can be turned into cutting boards or hot plates for the new kitchen.

kitchen cabinet design


The kitchen is truly the heart of your home.Your new kitchen should be a functional, user-friendly space. where you and your family feel comfortable.

How a kitchen is laid out depends on how it will be used.Put some thought into how you need your kitchen to function.

Layout has the sink, stove and refrigerator as points on a triangle. This makes for efficient movement in the kitchen, but is best when only one person is cooking at a time.A work place  layout is very convenient for multiple cooks. Creating work areas around the major appliances.Once you have placed your major appliances, planning storage is the next step. If you don’t have a separate pantry, a tall pantry cabinet is a great way to increase storage space. Roll-out shelves make it extra-convenient. Drawers have become very popular in the past few years for storing pots.

Careful measuring is a must! We provide you with detailed instructions for laying out and measuring your kitchen.