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How to choose cabinet color for your new kitchen

Because cabinets take up so much space in the kitchen,they focus point of the room design.They not only store all of your essentials things.they’re integral to the overall theme of the’s good idea to choose your cabinetry style and color first ,think about the style of your home.your personal taste,and your lifestyle.white kitchen are the modern may not work for a sports-loving fit.if you love traditional design.deep brown custom kitchen.while a modern interior design works well with a bold.Black is always a great choice for a cabinet, such as the island or the area around the cooktop ,Because it works with a wide variety of design style.312


Living room tv cabient

During the purchase of our modern home decoration.Living room TV cabinet furniture is the most important things in our home.It attract more and more attention in home decoration.Nowaday,the functions of the tv caibnet is not only cabient for TV and audio appliance,but also a nice decroation for the living room.

Let’s introduce some details we need to note when we buy the tv cabinet.


First of all ,the material is very important.So far we have engaged in E0 E1 plywood and MDF for option. Different materials give different feeling ,we suggest a combined color .

Second,living room TV cabinet height is very important.Because it is related to the feeling of people watching TV .Be sure to pay attention to the height of the tv cabinet.28

some detail about the kitchen

About kitchen cabinet we only just focus on the also many small detail due to our kitchen quality is good or not.

1、The edge bangding.a good quality Edge banding is delicate,smooth,good touch feel,sealing line Straight.

2、see the door panel door is cabinet face as important as the people face,There are many kind of kitchen cabinet door,different carcass door have different feature.

3、driling the plate type furniture is rely on the  triad it need to driling more hole on the plate to connect .The fit and precision of the hole position will affect the structure of the cabinet box.

4、drawer sliding .although it is a small detail.but it is an important part to impact the quality of the kitchen cabinet .due to the hole and the plate size have error caused by sliding rail resulting in drawer pull is not smooth or loose .Also pay attention to the drawer gap whether is uniform.



edge banding

Hhe furniture edge is really so important ?

The are four function of the edge banding :appearance、anti-moisture、anti-dirty、and Preventing somethings about hazardous substances to Volatilize.

1、A good edge furniture should have there function.first of all it needs to be able attach to the face of panel in order to make it more Solid,lasting,tigh and protect the panel also can talk about the appearance.

2、Decision the quality of the modern panel furniture good or bad  is depend on edge.a strict edge banding will sealed the free formaldehyde in the as to it will not pollute the air in our place.

3、Therefore,the most important which, after the furniture edge banding whether it function is stable.

Now the most advanced equipment is from Germany HOMA Edge banding time can complete the furniture for four edge.ensures the edge strict and the internal formaldehyde  is not released.not easy to break.

Our factory also use the HOMA edge banding machine.

haoman.uv high gloss.jpg




Our goods package of kitchen cabinet and wardrobe

Most of our customer will be more concern about the panel whether the products have scratch and other problems during shipping . All our kitchen cabinet、 wardrobe and UV high gloss board will be packed in flat package and ship to oversea. In order to protect our products during transportation .We will take some safe guards to protect the product as below.

1、The end product already to pack6.8 005

2、Because the four corner of the panel is vulnerable place.So we use four plastic cover to protect them.

6.8 002

3、The worker is carefully packaged and inner with foam board and outer carton6.8 003


6.8 0126.8 010

We have do a lot of word in the package so as to ensure our product quality and keep our quality always in the high level to get more support from our customers.

Check more in our

Jishen new PVC thermoform cabinet workshop set up

To upgrade our prouduction line and improve production quality,Jisheng have set up a new workshop for PVC thermoform and lacquer door in SanHui Foshan to meet the heavy demand of this two classic door type .

Welcome to contact for door sample to check our quality of PVC door or Lacquer door.

PVC kitchen cabinet

PVC kitchen cabinet

The advantages of molded plate

The advantages of molded plate which is Colorful.realistic wood grain,Brilliant pure color without split and deformation due to the plastic door integral by four board sealed.with edge banding,Effectively to solved the probelm for after a long time the edge banding may will split.

Molded panels can’t be long or close to the high temperature objects as the same time.the main design can not be too big .otherwise it will easily to the’s better not to smoke in the kitchen.cause the smoke burns the surface film of the plate

How to select the Molded panel?

1、The thickness of the flim skin a good molded panels films is relatively thick.have certain requiremnt for the product process.after carving on the carcass become into 3D.thin molded panel is very easy to completely covered.if thick is hard to plastic film skin.but the thick film
skin is more durable.after forming of the  molded plate .the whole kitchen cabinet rate of expansion and contraction is relatively small.

2、After processing of plastic,a good machine molded plate corner should is uniform ,no excess of angular material,no gap,corner to deal with bad easily tunic curing,processing workshop should clean job,so after shaping surface will not have granualr concave convex

3、the glue must be environmentally friendly,bad glue is easy to cause the pressing plate of the whole cabinet peridiolum blistering,shedding,curing

4、see the edge of the carcass there is no explosion,if there occur explosive of the edgd with the time goes mositure entering the door.the films will be easy to curing.



Bathroom cabinet style analysis C


For the third is the small Korean rural bathroom cabinet.

It is very popular among the medium-sized for a small family, Korean rural style is given priority to with white, warm, romantic and fashion contracted household style suitable,  more suitable for the post - 80 young people who get lost in choosing what kind of style for their bathroom cabinet style.

Details decide the struggling with the specific use, because Korean rural style is now most vast market share of these products, making both from an economic and practical ways easy for massive people by this consumption trend .

Diversification is along with the modern society, more and more people like to his house to find their own personality, to make the home feel more compatibility and himself, which makes the style of bathroom cabinet emerge in endlessly, also become rich and colorful .choose what style for bathroom cabinet ? I think you must have several mind. If still feel the introduced detailed not enough, you can browse our website products or download our catalog for reference. Thank you !


For the third is the small Korean rural bathroom cabinet.

It is very popular among the medium-sized for a small family, Korean rural style is given priority to with white, warm, romantic and fashion contracted household style suitable,  more suitable for the post - 80 young people who get lost in choosing what kind of style for their bathroom cabinet style.

Details decide the struggling with the specific use, because Korean rural style is now most vast market share of these products, making both from an economic and practical ways easy for massive people by this consumption trend .

Diversification is along with the modern society, more and more people like to his house to find their own personality, to make the home feel more compatibility and himself, which makes the style of bathroom cabinet emerge in endlessly, also become rich and colorful .choose what style for bathroom cabinet ? I think you must have several mind. If still feel the introduced detailed not enough, you can browse our website products or download our catalog for reference. Thank you !图片1