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How to select the plywood for kitchen cabinets


When buying plywood composite panels , or wooden plates  the first you should do is to look out for the appearance of this wood . often to say that bad and fault board have burr and sharp on the surface, while the premier boards such plywood of daban is strictly processed by baking sheet of high quality surface neat and smooth, and inter-layer symmetry is close-grained, board face level off, the luster is consistent, not bending deformation, no fault decayed, wood grain Angle is small, no resin marks Vitiligo and cellular eyes, and dot on surface is very small and less.


Second point is that to see wood moisture content, when lumber moisture content is higher than the average level of environment balanced moisture content, plywood shall go to shrinkage, otherwise it will be of expansion of and deformation so the damage and broke of the main reason is the wood and plywood ‘s moisture content is too high or too low Finally, don’t only pursue cheap, when buy sell material is usually manufactured and the material of formaldehyde exceeds bid badly, should go to regular markets buy, had better buy a brand of material To open check for the first time after receipt of the wood be replace, or presence of be affected with damp be affected with damp.

Something about the bespoke bedroom wardrobe(part two)

Currently, on the markets, the size of a wardrobe is most different, but for the wardrobe sliding doors, the specification is always principle , the bigger size for a wardrobe slide means the bigger

size for its body, the opening space ,and the visional effect. Also according to the material, to decide the size of the sliding doors, that the width of every single glass door of a wardrobe is less than

990mm is advisable and for its height is within 2400mm. For flatted doors of wardrobe, the width is less than 1200mm,and the height is less than 2400mm in case of deforming.


Considering with the size of wardrobe doors, we should attach great importance to the layout of wardrobe interal parts for making the best of it, only through this idea can we make it perfectly

workable and perfect from its appearance to its function.


For the most often customized wardrobe, the height is 2400mm and the length is 1800mm with two 900mm doors, the depth is 600mm, the best suggestion is that custom wardrobe with

this reference .

Something about the bespoke bedroom wardrobe(part one)


One of the most enormous advantages of a bespoke bedroom wardrobe is that this customized wardrobe closet can fully make the best use of your room space and be effectively functional to organize your cloths.

User-friendly on design for its availability of designing as per customers demand.  For example, we can add more drawers or shelves, whatever size pull basket for customers that differs from the spot or standard one.

From these advantage  we can see that customized wardrobes are highly casual and integral, another calling of bespoke wardrobe is integral / whole wardrobe, for its reasonability of using space

and specific function, convenience. So that more and more people are loving it. Since the wardrobe are welcome ,many people take for granted that the functional inside section of a wardrobe

can freely design into any size, however, it is not viable and advisable because this always leads to the mass storage for finding out what you need urgently, the side frame of a wardrobe

normally ranges 8 from 10mm in size,  the maximizing of the side frame makes plenty of types possible, the types can be glass inserted, Aluminum Dotted, glass patterned and so on.


Organizing your bedroom wardrobe with the following ways


  1. Put your most-used things at your eye level, less-used things below, and least-used items up high.
  2. If you don’t have any real closets in your home, integrate storage into another room . Wall racks and hangers are easy to install.
  3. Combine storage units to fit your different needs: drawers for folded items, hangers for dresses and suits, and boxes for odds and ends.
  4. Use coordinated hangers for a clean look that will care for your clothes and help you stay organized. Above, Daban Clothes Hangers, $3.49 for an 8-pack
  5. Keep folded clothes or accessories neat with shelf dividers, like these from Bed, Bath & Beyond.
  6. Use stackable laundry baskets for easy sorting, that you can also carry to the washing machine, like these from Daban
  7. Make more room in your closet by storing out-of-season clothes in boxes up high or under the bed.
  8. A rolling cart with coordinated boxes can be pulled in or out of the closet and used for clothing or office supply storage.
  9. Invest in your closet by using good-looking storage solutions.

10.Use boxes, cubbies, tiered shelves , or a hanging organizer to sort shoes.

  1. Keep your closet in shape by treating it like a small room. Pay attention to lighting, wall color, and floor coverings.

12.If you live in a small space, replace traditional closet doors that swing out with curtains or hanging screens.

Some wardrobe Improvements for Promoting More Luxury

 1. Comfortable seating
A fur chair offers a tender landing spot where you can slip off the shoes. Fur Chair fits a
variety of décor.
2. luxury drawer inserts
Fine-lined, unique drawer inserts guard and show your jewelry, glasses, ties, or lingerie.
Rev-a-Shelf’s velvet-lined drawers put the perfect accessory for your outfit at your fingertips.
3. A fantastic Mirror
Before you go down the aisle attend the date or important meeting, perhaps you will
checked in a 3-way mirror to see how you looked to those sitting in the back of the room.
by installing a fantastic mirror in your closet. If space and budget are the problem, mirror
can be simple and regular shape is ok.
4. Crystal Chandelier
The glittering light of a chandelier or crystal wall sconce will warm your closet and prevent
you from putting on one black sock and one navy blue sock. Pescaso’s mini-chandeliers, available through Costco,
lend a romantic elegance to your closet.
5. Ornaments
Drawer pulls, molding, decorative medallions and trim add a touch of sophistication.
Accessorize your drawers with a glittering from, leather and stainless steel beauties from their recommendation

Three suggestions for keeping your kitchen cabinet pantry good

If not regular maintenance for the kitchen cabinet,moulds and bacteria will breed.They can easily cause illness of asthma and dermatitis for the old men and the youngsters.Then how can we deal with it? Suggestions as below for your reference.
Firstly, select the right material which is not easy to damp, such as acrylic panel,lacquer panel and metal panel etc.Have the fresh food sealed well , also keep the soy and soda water sealed well with the lid if unused in case liquid leakage.
Secondly,place an dampproof pad on the kitchen cabinet.Although it’s a thin layer ,it can asorb peculiar smell to prevent dampness and dirt.Even there is liquid leakage inattentively,it can’t permeate the pad easily to impact the cabinet carcase.

Thirdly, keep regular clean and good air ventilation for the kitchen room. If wet weather especially,you can  have the dehumidifier decreased the humidity in the kitchen room.

Individual Kitchen is the Trend of High-end Kitchen Cabinets

Nowadays, Kitchen Industry too Much enjoys the brand effect

Facing the market pressure, the cabinet industry too much enjoys the product brand, and the selection channel sinks, this is not wisdom reasonable route. This is not easy to get the opportunity to progress for those not yet mature brand supplies. Usually, you owe the sales of the product, but miss the brand protected by a long time. The cupboards high-end brand channel sink is a lack of brand marketing force. The now carefulness and meticulousness coupled with the traditional craft, make the buyers that overly enjoy the goods purchased will direct combine this careful craftsmanship and high quality. In China’s cabinet industry, many kitchen cabinets direct from manufacturer overly enjoy the brand in the market, they are still faced with unique special and difficult and arduous challenge, but too much to enjoy the goods market is still in progress, and there is still some way to go from the distance to the mature market.

Cabinet Process Must Be IndividualA successful luxury brand, needs in addition to introduce its well-born to consumers, it is carefully written to render its exquisite and extraordinary craftsmanship; and cabinet manufacturing of high-end products for the home building materials industry may also reflect this, and first of all, there should be a comprehensive, high-quality, high-end production process from the production process. High-end products must reflect the careful and meticulous process, coupled with traditional craft of pure luxury and let buyers feel good value for money. The selection of raw materials and products of high-end cabinet brand is very important, almost all high-end brand will emphasize the origin of its raw materials and selection, origin and selection will directly affect the sales of high-end products, such information transmission allows the high value and high-end cabinet products have the most intuitive embody, so that the high-end cabinets expensive price will be rationalization