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Three suggestions for keeping your kitchen cabinet pantry good

If not regular maintenance for the kitchen cabinet,moulds and bacteria will breed.They can easily cause illness of asthma and dermatitis for the old men and the youngsters.Then how can we deal with it? Suggestions as below for your reference.
Firstly, select the right material which is not easy to damp, such as acrylic panel,lacquer panel and metal panel etc.Have the fresh food sealed well , also keep the soy and soda water sealed well with the lid if unused in case liquid leakage.
Secondly,place an dampproof pad on the kitchen cabinet.Although it’s a thin layer ,it can asorb peculiar smell to prevent dampness and dirt.Even there is liquid leakage inattentively,it can’t permeate the pad easily to impact the cabinet carcase.

Thirdly, keep regular clean and good air ventilation for the kitchen room. If wet weather especially,you can  have the dehumidifier decreased the humidity in the kitchen room.

How to maintenace and clean the hardware fittings of the kitchen cabinet

1.Wipe the fittings in time when waterlogging in it in order to avoid rusted hardware fittings.
2.The hinges and drawer slide should be often greased in order to keep smooth when pull and push.
3.The handles and knobs of the kitchen cabinet should have not been hung  anything ,especially something heavy or damp.When the handle and knobs are loose,you can screw the back panel of the kitchen cabinet door with your screwdriver.
4.When the kitchen cabinet door panels are irregular or loose, you should adjust the hinges in the right position.Right now in the market, the hinges are generally three-dimensional adjusted.

New product—the country style of kitchen cabinet.

Daban PVC modern kitchen designs.

This kind of kitchen cabinet is belongs to country style. A sense of leisure and natural may touch you when you walk into your kitchen, this design can satisfy the people who cherish family warmness.

Product Knowledge Training

We have product knowledge training course in this morning. New colleagues are very interested in the kitchen cabinet products and the other item catalog, they are listening carefully and take some notes. We believe that they will be very professional in the near future.