Door panel

How to choose door panel

Solid wood door most of them are classical type,we have cherry wood color,walnut ,oak.color.but the price is high.

UV board

UV(Ultraviolet)is a kind of pating,after we press a melamine paper on the board,we will paint it 5-6 times ,not only make it become high gloss,but also the hardness of the board will stiffen.

Melamine board

For melamine board,which is a plaint board with melamine paper,with good flatness,not easy to out of shape,anti-Scratch and wear resistant ,this kind of board without painting,more eco-friendly,with very reasonable price.


For lacquer finish,we make it base on the MDF panel.we will polished on the board6-9times,and then paint it,drying,polished again.

Acrylic finish

For the acrylic finish is full color,have a sense of the stereoscopic,good toughness,not easy to damage,but the hardness is not good.


UV board