Functional hardware.

Compare with the wardrobe whole set,the hardware is just real a small things,even though some of the hardware maybe look inconspicuous,but it definitely play a very important role in the wardrobe.

There are more and more home furniutre product sale in the market now,In order to make our wardrobe use easily and more functional,most of the consumer will by any hardware for their new wardrobe such as,drawer bakset,Trousers rack,slow down support,something more function it have Rotary,hanger,free pull clothes,but sometimes we may don’t remember have all ready purchase too many hardward,actually for the normally family wardrobe,we maybe can not use all the funtion in every time,other while are utterly useless ,and waste time ,and your mind,money.

For the normal wardrobe we just make it simple,make it useful,that enough.


how to design wardrobe cabinet?

how to make a wardrobe for a family ?

A couple’s clothing,there many style clothes,such as career suits,casual wear,and sport wear.etc,

Normally we make it left and right sides respectively by the couple,if the wardrobe have enough  space,the clothes rail can divided into two part one is long one is short,to hang the clothes,some shirt,coat you can put into the drawer and the shelf,but do not stacked too much it will be crease.both for clothing maintenance,extract and more intuitive.

For the child,when you design a wardrobe for child had better do more shelf and drawer lattice drawer,the other thing we should consider is child clothes will be change with the age grow it is necessary to design some place can put the clothes rail ,


Bathroom cabinet design

For the bathroom cabinet

1.For normally family to say,had better to choose the hanging wall style bathroom cabinet so that it can keep away from the floor and prevent moisture.

2.Understand all of the hardware whether is waterproof or not,or made of aluminum, the small bathroom only have four or five square meters,a shower,toilet,washstand,has take a lot of space,it’s hard to make it wet and dry to separation,so can hanging in the corner of the cabinet or higher off  the ground.



1.The material of the sliding door we recommend plywood and MDF,For the thickness 9mm will be great.which is stable,strong,durable.

2. For the sliding track,we need to check whether the wheels is wear,smooth,anti-pressure,How many kilogram can the wheel can support.

3.To see whether the sliding door is e-co friendly.and whether seal is tight.

4.How long can it use.

5.whether it have anti-collision rubber strip.



wardrobe style

What’s the different between the sliding door wardrobe and hinge door wardrobe?

In my opinion it depend on your personal life hobby,favorite,what the size and style of your room.

1、when we use the sliding door,it just right and left open and close,so i not will take too much space,the height is easy to do on the top of ceiling .make full use of the space and size,only the customized wardrobe can do that.also it’s convenient for old and child to use,just use the finger to put lightly.

2、the hinge door wardrobe,you need to considerate how much space it take when the door open,if you bedroom have enough space for use,the hinge door style is also a good choose.

sliding wardrobe door


For wardrobe

For the wardrobe

1、You should pay a attention to the door panel thickness,Normally the thickness of the door is 18mm,even 25mm,it will be easy out of shape if the thickness less than 18mm.

2、Many manufacturers have introduced a wardrobe beautiful accessories such as put out mirror,trouser rack,Lattice drawer,drawer clothes rail. Etc…

3、please be noted when you purchase a wardrobe,first of all choose your favorite style,see the style size whether the whole design is match your room decoration 44_副本

Door panel

How to choose door panel

Solid wood door most of them are classical type,we have cherry wood color,walnut ,oak.color.but the price is high.

UV board

UV(Ultraviolet)is a kind of pating,after we press a melamine paper on the board,we will paint it 5-6 times ,not only make it become high gloss,but also the hardness of the board will stiffen.

Melamine board

For melamine board,which is a plaint board with melamine paper,with good flatness,not easy to out of shape,anti-Scratch and wear resistant ,this kind of board without painting,more eco-friendly,with very reasonable price.


For lacquer finish,we make it base on the MDF panel.we will polished on the board6-9times,and then paint it,drying,polished again.

Acrylic finish

For the acrylic finish is full color,have a sense of the stereoscopic,good toughness,not easy to damage,but the hardness is not good.


UV board







Kitchen cabinet tips

1.For the basket have better not connected to the door,cause under a long time use it will be easily deformed.

2.The Top cabinet is of little use when you pick up somethings is not very convenient.

3.Drawer is very useful,but not the more is better(the price will be expensive).

4.For the cabinet is not just pursue the cheap price,the quality of door panel and Environmental protection is also very important.

5.It is not necessary to use glass door,Because in the kitchen there is no art craft just have some Debris to see.if you really like it had better to choose with scrub.


Kitchen Island

Make full use of the kitchen island

1、If you have a kitchen,you must have a island,what will be used for the island?Normally it not just a sample island for decoration,also can provide a space you can prepared the food,and have lunch or breakfast,Especially when you got up in the morning,you need to catch the time go for work,Now you can island you can prepared everythings and have your breakfast,it will be save more times

2、It also a place for child to do homework or drawing.but do remember careful of scratch the countertop.

3、try to make your island big and tall enough,before you make a kitchen cabinet drawing,you should decide which part is your kitchen island,the island can nake your kitchen much more functional and add some cook fun,interest,make your family more happness.


How to create a Perfect kitchen

Quartz stone is the most popular countertop material.Because of its table physical properties,with the advantage anti-moisutre.anti-scratch,good gap,air vent Eventhough the liquid is diffcult to filter into the countertop.

Artificial stone: are rich in color,surface is fine and smooth with wear-resistant, high temperature, But hardness is not high, easy to break.

Hinge:The kitchen cabinet door is not only use Frequently,but also bear the weight of the door panel ,so it’s very important that choose a good quality hinge.

Handle:For kitchen cabinet, a good design and good quailty handle not just easy to use,but also have the effect that make the finishing point,the material of the handle have Zinc alloy, stainless steel and aluminum alloy,the owner can according to the own kitchen to choose what style you need to use .311