some point for kitchen cabinet and wardrobe

Kitchen design
1、There must be enough space in the countertop for operation
2、The cooking area should be shorter,
3、The food preparation area shouble be higher,which can be easy for washing and cutting
4、There must be a group of drawing for put some easy things
5、The best is trash can hide,but also easy to use
6、Making a open shelf can put something not easy to take

Wardrobe design
1、From the environmental point of view,the environment protection level E1 is enough to use,check the test report,and see the edge banding,do not pursure the E0 degree blindly.
2、Pay more attention to the whole room design,which can not just focus on the wardrobe style,Consider the wardrobe can not match the room.
3、Take complete measurements.make sure you height of ceiling height before you start construction.
4、make sure the space size for putting,this is very important.

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